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VK Journey of My Son's Career, Job Promotion to Singapore

Golden Sunrise Rainbow Joy VK
This is a really joyful moment for me, my son in Australia. My son is relocating with a gd job offer in Singapore even in lockdown Corona situation. My son got exactly every time what we asked VK for. I feeling so happy to write this journey of VK.
March 2018, his company was closing down. he started looking for job.i first came to know abt VK in June 2018 from Parames and Selvarani maa in Malaysia. I didn't know abt VK use. I got VK and started telling VK in my words and whatever Selvarani told to do. In June 2018 he went to interview, they said they will take their people in the first interview itself. That time I got VK from Sharat Sir. I request “Vk you are my darling son please help my son”. VK replied in June he got a contract job for 6months. then I tell “my VK son please help they must give him a permanent job. Really after two months, they make him permanent. Then my son really believed VK. He told me what he wanted, I was telling my VK that, then my son got whatever he wanted.
my son also started read about VK, he knew my VK will do what he wants. Sep 2018, he got 2 VKs for him and wife. He was charging drinking water with Total wealth serum, mood up serum, alpha male serum and shield of 7 rays with VK.
He took Vibbes Seeder from Sir in Sep 2019. Things changed well at his home. he follows Sharat sir every time. He did Sharat Sir’s Money magnet ritual with VK.after he did, he got best business PARTNER award for 2019 with prize money. He took one more Vk.
I was sending my son energy on his photo and I keep saying to VK by my own words my heart out. Whatever posts came on Facebook and WhatsApp broadcast about VK healing wealth, Serums, mantra, affirmations from Sharat Sir, VK team, Rakhi, Puneet, Madhuri, I was using it for my son.
My son joined the company in Jul 2018. In 2020, he got promoted and the company offered him posting to Singapore. He didn't even ask, I also didn't ask VK for his shifting to Singapore. But I always wanted to stay with him. He gave 3 online interviews for transfer. He got an offer in July 2020 but the permit was delayed. We prayed to VK. He negotiated well for his salary and even got stay accommodation from the company. He is very happy he is joining in Singapore. As a mother, I am so much happy that his wish is fulfilled with VK energy. I have a strong belief trust Vk does everything well.
I can go to Singapore easily from Malaysia.VK does magic. every time I was really missing my son.VK knows about my heart feeling. He is my youngest son.VK makes me feel so happy. When my son first time he told this, I can't believe it. I always wear VK, I always talk to VK. Now two years with VK, I learnt about VK, if you love VK, trust VK he will do everything. I have no words to tell about my joy. Sharat Sir is a great son of Divine. He created VK and VS brings happiness to all families. In Malaysia, we have many Vk users all happy, every day using VK. I thank my Vk and sir every day. I bless Sir with happy prosperous life now forever with my heart and my VK.


  • @Angeetha maa
    Wonderful journey.Super Congratulations to you and your son.
    I loved the way you talk to VK and calling VK also as your son.
    Thank you for sharing your feelings and experiences right from 2018.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your family.
    Gratitude to Sharat Sir, son of Divine for VK and VS in our lives.
  • Thank you Maa for sharing your wonderful words with us.

  • Lovely So heart warming VK experiences i really feel touched with your every word mam.
    Congratulations to your Son Golden Sunrise Blessings many more Success to achieve with Divine VK in future.
    Thankyou for Sharing your Happiness with us. This will motivate so many VK users.
    Gratitudes to Sharat Sir for VK and VS are filling so many lives with Divine Bliss.
  • Awesome vk story ma. Congratulations to your son. ????????????????????????Thank you for sharing. Indeed vk is a magic bangle
  • Golden Sunrise to all ;
    I am so happy to share my Divine V Seeder
    Manifestation story.
    I have been trying to sell my property for over 5 years with no luck. It only been over 3 months since l came to know The Divine Sharat Sir Ji. After talking to him l got my Divine V. Seeder and l also got VK l started chanting Golden Sunrise 108 time a day Total Wealth Serum all through out day with my VK l charged incense stick and burn kept watching SIR JI videos.
    5th day of having my V Seeder a real estate agent brings a client with in an hour he signed the contract to buy my property. OMG this is a V Seeders manifestation
    Brings a client and get my place sold.
    I love ???? my V Seeder l ???? my VK.
    A BIG THANK YOU to DIVINE SHARAT SIR JI ????????????????
  • edited July 1

    Golden Sunrise Dear

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