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Brother and his wife being Negative, property matter and protection

Since the sad demise of my father 10 years ago, my mother is being emotionally harassed by my brother and his wife. A few days ago, he asked my mother to transfer both the flats to his name. My mother doesn’t want to divide the house as it’s my fathers only memory. She never asked them to leave even though she was never happy. I feel like my sister in law is doing black magic to my brother and mother and breaking us all apart for the property. My mother wants to gift me the property bcs I am supporting her and her elderly mother to my best ability. Please help and let me know what can I do to protect my mother and myself. I have recently acquired VK with a lot of trouble . Hope that VK and Sharat Sir can help me find a solution to this.


  • @Sayli


    As you are a new user, please give time to learn the BASICS OF VK starting from this link
    For all procedural questions, you may refer the basics.

    Regarding your question, please check this full article

    Practical Uses of Shield of Seven Rays with VK for Safe Protected Healthy Wealthy Prosperous Life

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher thank you for your prompt response! Golden sunrise!

    I have started charging our drinking water with the energy ACS, SO7R, HANUMAN CHALISA, GOLDEN SUNRISE.

    Its just been two days, I will keep up the practise and I’m sure divine VK will make everything happy and blissful.

    In the meantime, can I also give brother and his wife calm down serum to make sure they don’t over react?
  • @Sayli

    Please check the link on SO7R , other than water charging you may give direct request too for your share in property .

    Please go through the whole article always.

    You may check the article on CALM DOWN SERUM if its applicable and choose the combinations accordingly.
  • I am happy to share my experience, after using ACS, SO7R, HANUMAN CHALISA, GOLDEN SUNRISE charged water my mother started feeling more confident and positive. My brother and his wife moved out of our house to a nearby place on rent. Things are still not positive between my mom and him but atleast the daily fights have stopped and everyone is at peace for now. I have found new endeavour and have been making half my annual income in 3-40 days. Ive been able to pay off past expenses and debts which my brother had taken. Using our divine VK everyday to make myself stronger and better version of myself. This is just one of my many experiences. Will keep updating more and more as i know MY VK is going to give me alot of positive experiences. Thank you tons to Sharat Sir for always helping and all the teachers on this Forum. GOLDEN SUNRISE.

  • @GoldenSunriseSasha
    Thank you for sharing wonderful experience.
    Peace and no fights is itself very positive.
    What say?
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