VK dreams

Have been getting 3-4 vk dreams in 3 weeks, I would like to know the meaning of these dreams, please. In first dream, I see multiple vks kept on a ? tree log, I don't remember exactly is tree or not, and someone wants to use them , I have the opportunity to use them but I don't use but when that someone wants to use those vks I get jealous or something and then I decide to use them.
Second dream , I see many vks I've over the other around a tree branch.
Third dream, I myself cut vk into two pieces with a cutting instrument, following which something happens, my niece fights with me, he leaves house and comes to me again, I think I wore that cut vk although this
Next, I met with a fire, my another vk takes all the fire and saves me from getting burn and disappears, then I left with only one VK of mine.


  • * one over the other
  • @Brightlife888
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thanks for sharing your dreams.

    Dream 1 : You are very possessive about VK. VK is your friend but sometimes you choose to be away from it like a child who gets angry. In english angry is a strong word. In hindi i would say rooth jana.

    But if anyone else takes it you want it back to you.

    Dream 2 : Maybe your wish to have multiple VKs so you see them together.

    Dream 3 : Its a mixture of anger and faith
    When angry you saw cutting your VK. This is anger and losing faith.
    If you were healing your dear ones you saw them parting when you cut VK.

    When you still wore it ie you continued your faith in VK for others benefit and they came back.

    Dream 4: Message from VK it saves you in situations where there is threat just with a single request or through its presence in your life even if you cut or lose other VKs.

    If i see the sequence, the final message is VK is there for you even if you are upset with it. And you are actually possessive about it.
  • Thank you ma'am
  • Iam not healing my dear ones but I think I understand the message..
  • @Brightlife888
    Is it never in your intention about making life better for your dear ones???
  • It was but I didn't send any energies in particular
  • @Brightlife888
    Did you ever experience VK is an intentional healing tool
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