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Energy of EFT through VK + Cosmic Serums for Diabetes and Anger issues

Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I wanted to share one healing story. It is still in the process though.
There is a lady who is suffering from diabetes and has anger issues that sometimes get out of control. She says things that hurt people around and has resulted in some major family problems.
She is getting charged water with VK twice a day, one for her diabetes (All Clear Serum + Key Pen Serum + Perfect Health Serum; I sometimes add Digee Serum), and other for her emotions (Gayatri Mantra + Calm Down Serum).
During the day, she receives the energy of EFT session through VK.
In the duration of 2 months, her anger has reduced considerably. She now automatically let things be as they are. But still, a lot of healing is required, which is going daily. There are other fear-based emotions uncovered that I am hopeful will be resolved using EFT energies through VK.

Thank you, Sharat Sir for VK, Sonia for introducing VK and all VK teachers for your wisdom on Litairian website and this forum.


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