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It's been 4 months in my healing journey with VK. The reason I bought VK was to heal my hairloss. With so much hope and enthusiasm I started healing with guidance of Sharat Sir. I am optimistic with my healing journey.. since the day VK came in my life I did and am doing my healing religiously. For the first few weeks I was getting improvement , hairfall reduce and I can see regrowth and I was happy like finally my prayer is being heard. Then few weeks later It started falling out again. I cannot deny the fact that VK has helped me. It just that I am not healed completely. My symtoms hasn't improve.For the last 3 weeks or more I don't know why all the short hair regrowth are falling out. Don't know where I went wrong. I did some changes in the healing serums/ energies here and there. Current healing: BS, ACS, IS, MMM, GS for drinking water . Actually I made 2 sets of drinking water. Another is BS,PHS, Doxybond lb capsule, GS. I was taking the Doxybond lb capsule for more than a year for my scalp inflammation but I had to stop last year because of side effects (breathlessness). And for spraying on scalp I use BS, ACS, energy of onion juice , GS . And I do VoB of my scalp also. Please help now it's been 4 months and it's like back to square one.


  • @Mona

    Doxybond is an antibacterial. If you have developed antibacterial resistance to this molecule, it will not work.
    Even when you mimick its effects, VK is just mimicking effects.

    No antibacterial is taken for so long !!! If you followed a doctors prescription check with the doctor is it advised for you to take it for so many months.

    Maha MRITYUNJAY mantra energy is not required here.

    How about using ALPHA WOMAN SERUM and MOOD UP SERUM in drinking water instead of ALL CLEAR SERUM with intention of happy life and healthy body.

    If there is high emotional stress hairfall relapses, work with VK to reduce that.

    If there is hormonal issue use FEM SERUM.

    Onion juice is not used on an inflammed scalp. If you are using its energy through VK please keep intention safety and security.

    If scalp is inflammed spray BEAUTY SERUM PAIN CARE SERUM IMMUNE SERUM SHIELD OF 7 RAYS water.

    Check your diet are you eating heat producing foods? Maybe its reflecting on your scalp.
  • Actually my hairfall started in 2015 when a biopsy diagnosed me with lichenplanopilaris. After that I took lots of medication for almost 3 years. From 2019 I stopped taking oral medication with doctor's advice but continue with minoxidil. My symtoms are redness a bit of scaling, itching ,small bumps acne like tenderness and discomfort on my scalp wih hairfall. I have stopped consulting with doctor thereafter . The medicines were only treating the symtoms but as soon as medicines stopped it became worse. I also had 6/7 prp sessions for hairgrowth, it helped to some extent. But it was painful so I stopped that too. From June I stopped minoxidil too as Sharat Sir told me to stop and continue with the spray. Right now I'm doing reiki psychic surgery on my scalp.
  • Lichenplanopilaris is somewhat linked to immune system so I was using immune serum. And ACS to clear redness, scaling and acne from scalp.
  • I didnot experience any pain some tenderness and tight feeling on scalp. Why should I use pain care serum? Please explain
  • @Mona

    Pain care serum is for inflammation too with or without pain.
  • Minoxidil is a big NO for inflammed scalp. When absorbed through unhealthy scalp it gives many side effects.
    Also on stopping the effect gets reversed many times. So it is used only under medical supervision.

    If you are taking any allopathic treatment for immune diseases it should be taken only with doctors advise and supervision. One should not randomly continue any medicine.

    Maybe you are experiencing side effects of medicines.
  • I haven't taken any medicine from January 2019. Just minoxidil as doctor prescribed for hairfall. Minoxidil too stopped from June 2020. I have no other health issues. Just this scalp and hair problem. Currently I'm doing healing through VK only. I am asking for help as I'm getting results on and off. I was thinking whether I'm using the right set of energies. Ma'am you suggest shield of seven rays I don't find a connection, how shall I use what should be the intention?
  • For protection

    With immune problems, the energy need fluctuates, so you may see this ON OFF.

    Keep working with patience. Increase healing frequency as per need.
  • Ma'am I know it's for protection but in my case protection from what?
  • @Mona

    Intention is protection. You need not be specific if you are not aware protection against what.
    Leave it to wisdom of VK. Allow it decide and protect.
  • Hairfall increased . I just can't understand why VK is not working or helping me when I bought VK just for this. I have 2 Vks and use boost method. Everyday most of healing request to VK is for my hair. Seems like my Vks are not responding. Feeling helpless.
  • @Mona
    Is your VK working for any other request (other than immune system related hairfall) ?
  • For myself I'm not using for any other purpose. Because this is my first priority. I do send energies for my mother prolapse uterus, she doesn't know about it , but now and then I always ask her but there's seems no improvement yet .
  • @Mona
    Its a good idea to use VK for little things in daily life. Learn VK with simplicity and ease. Build your faith and then use on major issues.
    VK works beyond faith of the healer. But for new VK users its good to work with small requests.

    Explore VK for your daily life. You can check in success stories how VK users have been talking to VK.

    For immune related issues or for prolapse due to ageing it required patience and patience.

    You might be seeing hairfall increase due to your main issue and much anxiety.

    If you are giving all requests only for hairfall issue , you are missing to enjoy small joys from VK and life . Give it a thought.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your recovery
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