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Good Result in Board Exams

Golden Sunrise Ji,
I was looking for some switchwords for success in studies for my son who was in class 12 when I came across Litarian website in February, by that time the healing requests for Board Exams on Litarian was closed. I decided to procure VK for my son's issue only. I read the posts on the forum here and started sending request to VK for success in Board Exams. I was worried a lot as my son is very intelligent but he didn't study. I chanted Reach First Rank Divine and saw the Sharat Sir's videos for success in Exam, and activated ECs. In between during the exams when only three days were left, he said I am not going to appear for the Maths exams and would not study. I did lots of request to VK but my mind was not calm and nothing seemed to work. I was completely lost I sent the email to Team Litarian for help, and I received an email giving me the phone number of GOLDEN Rakhi Ji, but when I came back he was studying himself. Few days back his results were declared, we were thinking that he would just manage to pass but surprised to see him scoring 86% aggregate and with 90% in Maths. It was all possible because of VK. Thanks VK. Thanks Sharat Sir. Golden Sunrise.


  • @munishahuja

    Congratulations to your son and all family members. Happy to read this. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    I wish your son GOLDEN SUNRISE journey ahead with successful deserving bright career.
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