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What is the importance of Aura of human being ?

I have read that human beings have aura of different colours and negativity enters through the aura cracks and then into our body affecting person emotionally,physically through illness, spiritually and financially. So it is very necessary to have a positive and good aura. How can VK help in this and only SOSR is enough for this? Thanks.


  • @Rian yes you are right aura is very important for our mental physical and spiritual being. Aura is an electromagnetic field round our physical body there are seven layers of aura you can read in shield of seven rays article. It is scientifically proved that any thing we used or our surrounding all have an aura. Through this aura field we exchanges energies with each other before connecting to any person or any thing our aura get connected.
    The more strong and powerful aura is the more powerful protection. Normally a person has 5 to 6 feet of aura the divine beings have aura in kms. VK increase aura to 200 percent by simply wearing it chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE, spiritual practices and meditation also increases aura
    Shield of seven rays is the best divine protection and it enhances the aura.
    Balance serum is the biggest invention by @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji , regular intake of balance serum increase strength of aura and also well being.balance serum increase aura and chakra strength and also lot more issues Balance serum is a boon to mankind for it heals major aspects of life.
    Please click on hyperlinks to know more about balance serum

  • Thankyou @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher for the explanation of Aura and its importance..
    So, I understand that, to have a positive and strong aura, we have to take SOSR, Balance serum, Golden Sunrise, energy of suitable meditation session for consumer(with safety and security), energy of suitable spiritual practice for consumer(with safety n security) with the intention of having strong and positive aura in water 3-4 doses a day.. I am mentioning here consumer, because the water will be consumed by different members of the family and VK will use its own wisdom to understand what kind of meditation or spiritual practice is suitable to the person who drinks this serum..

    Kindly guide and confirm.. Many Thanks...

  • @Rian ji , i told you about the significance of the aura and the remedies that boost aura in general.
    As a VK user you can simply intake Balance serum. Please read balance serum article it boost so many important aspects of life.
    You can give balance serum to all your family members. SO7R is complete divine protection activating twice daily is very effective. SO7R is not only for specific aura you can protect yourself family and your belongings from all negative energies and energy succers.
  • Thankyou @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher for your guidance and Sharat Sir for VK and introducing innovative ways of using VK via this forum..

  • Dear @Rian, supplimenting the guidance from Puneet, I wish to clarify the last section of your statement - "VK will use its own wisdom to understand what kind of meditation or spiritual practice is suitable to the person who drinks this serum.." It is most important to know the subject, we are practicing. VK could be considered as a gateway, which emits the most powerful Energies of the Divine. Energies are 'all inclusive' and does not require to be categorize its accord with a specific intention. It fulfills wherever and whatever is required to be evoked/activated/balanced.

    Our Aura is also an energy field but it is rather a display than an infusion. As you mentioned, the color of the Aura is display of your Inner Space. Intake of SO7R and various positive serums, saves us from Negative aggression as well as clears/balances us from inside. But we should not forget our conscience which produces Negative energies due to our own actions and emotions. This is what our Aura primarily displays. Acting as mirror of ourself, Aura depicts our personality. Therefore, I would suggest that please do not take it as granted that in-spite our karma is maligned, we are safe with VK. Do Good, think positive and align with the Divine are the Vitamins, one should add for the health of our Soul and brighten our Aura.

  • Woww sir thankyou so much for the Wonderful knowledge. Your words are abundance of knowledge for me always.
    Gratitude sir.
  • Thankyou @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher for more enlightenment on subject "Aura and VK ".

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