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All 6 puppies stayed protected and got owners

edited August 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Hey gurus and all friends,
I pray to god to keep you and your families safe in this pandemic. So my VK manifestation this time was for this 6 puppies which were initially taken care by an old man who had 2 stray dogs and around 8 puppies but last week he succumbed to heart attack and as he was staying alone so after his death there was none to take care off the puppies and they were roaming in rains and traffic in search of food and shelter. I went one afternoon and searched for all 6 puppies who were in miserable condition and kept them all in a box and some dry grass which i found. I fed them well with milk and some daliya in liquid form. Cleaned them with dettol taking help of the society security and asked VK to get them shelter and good owners with the intention of now and forever. I kept on chanting golden sunrise and perfect health serum and prayed to VK that they get vaccinated and on the same day I came across a doctor who was a veterinary doctor who was a stranger for me but thanks to VK that in 4 hours after i met the doctor all 6 dogs were vaccinated. Over the few days there were few people came inquiring about the dogs and took all 3 male puppies.
I dint lose hope and kept on chanting Golden sunrise and asked Maa durga elixir to get the female puppies a home. After 2 days the quarantine doctor in my area came as there was a Covid case in my next door society and she and her colleagues took all 3 female puppies as they have became healthy and better after all the care i have done with VKS support.

Happy that VK helped me with Maa durgas blessings they got good homes to stay.


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