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mobile get repaired

Golden sunrise. I purchased Vivo y91 mobile in 6 May 2019 so my warranty will be till 6 May 2020 for one year. My phone display get damaged in 16 July 2020. So I thought it warranty get over. Then I repair it in local shop with Rs 2000. After 1 week again mobile hanged. I have not enough money to again repair. I thought its software problem. Then I call VK please repaire my mobile phone with safety and security 3 time. And place it in mobile phone. Mobile problem was not solved. Then I call local shop , he said it will be 800 Rs for software. I have not that much money. Then my mind say why dont call vivo gallery. I go to my vivo gallery but it closed due to corona virus. All mumbai vivo just one gallery in kurla is available. I go to kurla gallery. Cause software upadation is free of cost in gallry. I surrender my mobile to gallery. Then after 1 day they said my mobile problem was solved please pick up your mobile. I go to gallery and I got shock that my mobile display is damaged. They repaired it free of cost. Cause due to corona virus warranty extended to 3 months. VK save my nearly 3000 Rs. Cause they give me original vivo mobile display. Local shop man gave me duplicate display. I just paid my travelling nearly 300 Rs. but got original display. I thank to my dear friend VK. Thank you thank you.


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