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Mindfulness mindblowing program with Rakhiji, its my complete package for life

My experience on mindfulness program
I saw this program in Facebook and knew Sharath Sir program will surely do miracles. So I enrolled the program designed by Sir. It was designed so well and taught by Rakhiji in a nice way.

It may look long but it’s a life changing class. Days flew off very fast. It’s very simple and effective. I would rather say it is complete package for life in this program . Every thing is covered in this class. It’s class apart. It’s designed to remove the anxiety in you.

Now live in this moment. I have learnt to appreciate good things in me and others. I have positive energy in me. I m organised in my professional life and I m getting lot of applause from my company. This is done only because of awareness. Your hidden talents are brought out in this class. Please attend this class and reap life long benefits. There are n numbers to say. We will be peaceful and like to enjoy each every day of our life. Thank you Sharath sir for this program and thank you Rakhiji for teaching us.

It’s like I m reborn after this class. Mind blowing class with Rakhiji. Interactive session and very helpful. Rakhiji explains in detail and deep gratitude to Sharat Kumar Sir . Thank you Sir — with Golden Rakhi.


  • @sujathagovind68 ji,

    Very Happy to read your Experiences. It is like reading my own experiences. I am sure this Mindfulness Course will develop people in all walks of life with Success in all fronts.

    Congratulations for getting Applause from your Company. Wishing you many more accomplishments in your future.

    Thanks to @SharatSir and @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher .

  • Golden Sunrise to Awareness.

  • @sujathagovind68 ji
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thank you for sharing amazing feedback on Mindfulness course.
    Thank you for beautiful appreciation. I feel blessed and honoured.

    Congratulations to your professional success. I wish you a great journey with Mindfulness.

    Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the course. I too enjoyed the 33 days the way you kept on sharing your multiple experiences and awareness during the course.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for Mindfulness on litairian platform
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