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Wish manifestation for buying new house, asking a Sign to VK Yes or No

edited July 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise

I would like to share beautiful experience which even I was shocked
My sister living in USA was searching for house as per vastushastra past 7-8 months. Finally she got one and gave me the details to check. After going through that I told them that it's ok after leaving one or two points which they can adjust. But still back of my mind I was thinking about that 2 points. So while sleeping @ 11pm I requested VK 'If the house is perfect for them in all respect then let
me hear the voice of Bharadwaj bird'. To my surprise in the morning I heard the same but in a very low noise and so was not confident as I thought that I was thinking about so it might me illusion. So once again I requested the same thing to VK.
To my amazing, this time I and my son both of them heard the voice around 9 pm, which in my life I never heard in the night. I was just like....., no words to express. I was happy with my decision and more confident on VK. One more goddy in my basket.
Why go anywhere when we have VK for everything.
Thank you VK for being in my life.
Thank you @SharatSir , Rakhi mam.
Also Litarian forum helps me a lot, to solutions for my problems.


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