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How to use VK to peacefully end a relationship without conflict/bad energy

Hello VK friends, I would like some advice please. I wish to peacefully end a relationship which is really not positive for me and causes me stress, although there are also good times, it is not overall a healthy relationship.
The problem is that my boyfriend is quite temperamental and also somewhat dependent on me at the moment due to some complications in his life. So I am worried that if I tell him it's just not working out he will a) be angry and b) feel abandoned. I'm happy to keep him as a friend but not as a relationship.
I have been using Calm Down Serum and Golden Sunrise when he is in a bad mood, sometimes it works, sometimes not. I would now like to start to prepare to tell him i don't want the relationship anymore. What other serums would be best? I was thinking of All Clear Serum - but not sure if it's appropriate. My goal is to have him peacefully accept a change in our relationship and importantly for him not to be angry or volatile. I was also wondering about e.g. love serum or healing energy of venus for peaceful separation - but that is maybe confusing - would it be counterproductive?
thank you so much in advance for advice.


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