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Angiography postpone with VK Healing

My Uncle living in UK and he suddenly feel pain in chest and his son took them to hospital and the diagnose with wall blockage. He already have open heart surgery 25 years back and few years back he have same blockage and doctors put stunt. Now also doctors were saying that he required the same procedure but due to critical condition and her age is 85 so they keep in observation for further proceedings; When i get to know same time i started to send energy from VK.

Heart Serum + Prefect Health Serum + Immune Serum + All Clear Serum to all blockage related to heart + Bravo Serum to deal with this situation.

They keep my uncle 1 month in hospital and last week they discharge and say no need to any angiography they were amazed to see the miracle happen that how the blockage is cleared and now my uncle is happy and sending lots of prayers to Sharat Sir,

Golden sunrise to Sharat Sir & VK


  • Thankyou for sharing your VK experience in detail.
    You can also do Psychic Surgery for his Heart.
    Also request "VK please regenerate Blood Vessels connected to the Heart"
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