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Obstacle in Marriage cleared with VK

edited July 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

One of my friend brother have engaged with his cousin for past 3 years and now my friend brother suddenly denied that i will never marry that girl all family members try to solve this issue but he say if you force i will commit suicide or any wrong step i will take, and the girl belong to village and there community system if my friend brother denied they will face by-cot. So after listening this story i try to send energy with VK as mention below steps.

i wrote both names with mother name and make a circle.

I send energy of Love Serum + One Soul Serum + All Clear Serum to issues + Golden Sunrise to there marriage + Sheild of 7 Rays to there relation.

Daily i send this serum combination twice a day and with in 15 to 20 days my friend brother agreed to marry then i started to send healing once a day then again he started to put his conditions, I again started to send healing with VK twice a day and last week he marry with the same girl happly.

I pray VK blessed them a good life and gratitude to sharat sir.

Golden Sunrise.


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