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Handling Negativity and Bad News EASILY as guided by Sharat Sir

edited July 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES


After reading an article Easy Way to Handle Negativity and Bad News by @SharatSir , I got tremendous relief from one issue with which I am suffering since many years.

When I come to know that there is a possibility of hearing some negative or bad news, I always try to avoid / runaway from such situation, people, event. As we can't avoid raw facts, my mind is full of some uneasiness, tense, etc.

As explained in the article, I changed my way and started facing Negative people/ situation / event boldly. I found a great relief and I am able to face after effects also easily. Our Mind is capable to handle these things easily.

GRATITUDE to @SharatSir for enlightening on handling life realities.


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