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VK helped me in my Crisis, unlocked in lockdown

Golden Sunrise to All

It was the next morning after cyclone Amphan hit Kolkata the previous night and all the trees in our society had fallen covering the entire road with trees. So I went out at 5 a.m to look around and came back up to my apartment at 5:30 a.m. l tried to unlock my door but the entire automatic lock system came off and there was no way I could unlock the door. I called our society maintenance but no mechanic was available owing to the cyclone and corona lockdown. No security guards were available. I lived alone in the apartment with no neighbours as everyone went home due to lockdown. My parents live 400 kms away from me and my brother lives on the other side of kolkata and due to the situation it was impossible for him to come. I did not have my wallet with me. I panicked like a crazy person. Then I decided to pray to my VK asking for help in this situation. I also gave all clear serum to the latch with VK. I closely investigated the area from which the lock system came off and it had a very tiny hole. Unconsciously I reached in my pocket and I had a tiny key inside which was for my letterbox. I tried the key in that hole and like a miracle my door opened. I was so relieved. For 10 minutes I just held my VK and kissed it. I just love my VK.

Thank you Sharat Sir for creating Divine VK. Thank you VK. Thanks to all the amazing teachers for helping us in this amazing forum.

Golden Sunrise


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