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Money saved is money earned

edited June 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

A friend of mine does free lancing job. From last few months had no income. His wife's due was in July 1st week. She had earlier C section delivery so it was expected that this time also they would have C section. Because of this lockdown her regular Hospital was closed. She some managed to get other Hospital with some private Doctor. This private doctor had also insisted on C section. These days hospitals charge much more for any treatment. My friend has no source of income and on top of that this was a burden for them. He was tense as to how to manage things at this hour. Even I was not able to help him Financially but I was regularly giving him TWS, ACS, GS without telling him or he being aware. In between all these the wife suddenly had labour pain. She was rushed to the hospital and at that time the private doctor was not available instead some other doctor was there. This other doctor was not aware of any conversation about C section. The delivery was done normal. Though vaccum was done but it was normal delivery. VK had save 40 % of the charges. And to save this money VK also saw that her doctor could not come at the time of delivery and some new doctor had to do the job. They had a healthy baby boy.
Many thanks to VK. Thankyou Sharat Sir.


  • @LATISH ji,

    You did good job by sending required ENERGIES through VK.

    VK DIVINE helped in his own way and saved money.

    Thanks for helping people in need.

  • Golden sunrise to your faith and beliefs on divine energies.
    Congratulations to the family.
    Nice sharing Thankyou
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