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PhD proposal defense

edited June 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

I had my proposal defense last Friday. I was worried and scared. I did many changes to the research based on my supervisors comment but she did not want to view it nor let me have a presentation with her. So I was not sure if this is what it is for my research. I use VK to help me. I wrote down all the panel judges name together with my supervisor and my name on a piece of paper. And I used 'One soul serum, all clear serum, love serum, calm down serum, balance serum and shield of 7 rays' every 30 minutes. My mom and my aunt also helped me by doing the same with their VK.

I was the 1st presenter, and it went on very smoothly. I was able to answer and explain to the panel's question confidently. I received very positive feedback. I caught up with my supervisor after my presentation and she also gave me positive feedback. She said I was very clear and confident. I was happy and she also gave me some pointers to do my research. I will know the results in 2 weeks but according to my supervisor it will be fine with no major changes.

VK helped me with my presentation. My sincere thanks to VK and Sharat Sir for the guidance.


  • Wow congratulations. Thankyou for sharing your happiness with us.
    Do keep us all motivating with your experiences.
  • @anjali13 ji,

    I am also doing Ph D. I give LOVE SERUM to my guide. It is working well. Your Combination of SERUMS are excellent. Also proved successful.

    Next time send energies to All Research related people and Your UNIVERSITY also along with your GUIDE. It will do wonders.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your Ph.D.

    Thanks to DIVINE VK and it's creator @SharatSir .

  • Thank you @DSRao @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher

    Wow, will send energy to all researchers and university as well.


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