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I have successfully treated a case like Autism, Hyperness and Delay Learning using VK

edited June 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
A child of around 5-6yrs who was not able to talk... But being very hyper .. troubling his mother all the time. Also Not sleeping properly .. addicted to iPads and also was not able to paddle the cycle

I started giving these energies through VK:

VK to activate calm down serum, mood up serum, golden sunrise for XYZ.

REIKI psychic surgery for the central nervous system with safety and security for xyz.

Reiki psychic surgery for the brain with safety and security for xyz.

VK sends brain serum, golden sunrise to xyz.

VK antiaddiction serum to stop using iPads.

VK reiki psychic surgery to the throat, also also ENT serum.

VK to send a violet flame to make him calm and sleep well.

VK to activate lama fera for balancing chakras and to remove negative blockages.

VK to activate magnified healing for xyz.

Now the child is singing rhymes.. and trying with Sanskrit prayers too... Sleeping well... Very calm.. doing cycle paddling. Mother is very happy with the results.

Thanks to sir for an amazing creation of VK.


  • WOW..Keep spreading happnies and healing people with magical VK.
    Golden Sunrise to your efforts.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.
  • Autism needs more energy and consistency to get the results. Congratulations for the result... What frequency of above energies given to kid?
  • From February 2020 I startd this .. was just giving 5 requests per day .. I couldn't find results in the beginning... As I had complete faith on vk I kept trying it .. then with VK boost methods I continued it from April end i strtd with 4 VK boost method ..4 times a day then from may end to now.. 6 vk Boost method . 5 times a day . I m finally getting the results...
  • @Anusha11
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your patience. The results will be seen based on energy need. Autism like case will need healing frequently.
    Keep sharing your VK experiences and spread happiness. Thanks for sharing.
  • Great initiative, hope you are not combining both CALM DOWN SERUM & MOOD UP SERUM as you mentioned.

    Thanks for encouraging.

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