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VK kept Beautiful Furnished Accommodation Ready at a New Place for me.


I have some Success Stories in my journey with VK. There are some occasions, I felt that thing happened because of VK only. I experienced the MAGIC of VK many times. Whenever I PRAY VK for something, I tell VK that YOU only can do this.

This is one success story which has given me a big relief and starting point to increase my FAITH in VK. Some time back, I was transferred from Hyderabad to Howrah, West Bengal. I have to go alone to Howrah, as i am not in a position to shift my family due to children issues. when I inquired about our Howrah institute, I came to know all discouraging things only. Institute, government quarters constructed in 1960s, not comfortable to reside. No proper drinking water, etc. When i contacted our Howrah office about accommodation, they told me that I can stay temporarily in a hostel room till I get a good accommodation outside.

Finally, one day I have reached Kolkata Airport from Hyderabad, our institute is around 30 km away from Kolkata airport.
i have gone to my hostel room directly to keep my luggage. After seeing hostel room, my worry increased, I cannot stay there even a single day. From there i have gone to my institute at 11 AM to report for my duty. I met our Director and reported. He introduced me to other staff. I am unable to mingle with people freely due to my worry about accommodation.

I am new to this place. I don't have any person there to help me. Then I started requesting VK in my mind to arrange comfortable accommodation to me NOW. I have nobody to help except VK in that situation.

Some staff were asking me about my stay. I told them I need good Accommodation urgently as hostel room condition is not good.

Then around 3PM, VK MAGIC Started, one senior faculty member asked me, on his own, to stay with him in his 2 BHK FLAT, as he is also staying single. After office hours I shifted my luggage from hostel to his flat. After seeing the Flat, I felt very very happy. It is located in a good posh, peaceful locality, beyond my expectation. My problem suddenly vanished. That too without any effort.

This is how VK helped me. VK arranged FURNISHED ACCOMMODATION IN A PLACE LIKE HOWRAH on same day of my arrival in Kolkata. I don't need to purchase anything. MONEY SAVED. I GOT EVERYTHING EFFORTLESSLY on same day without any delay. MY EFFORT is only making a simple request to VK.

GOLDEN SUNRISE thanks to our DIVINE VK and @SharatSir.


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