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edited June 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

On the morning of 20th May, the Calcutta TV weather report said that the cyclone Amphan –a severe cyclone would make landfall near Sundarbans and reach Kolkata by 6 pm. The Met Office announced the wind speed would be between 100 – 133kmph. By 5 pm there was heavy rain and very strong wind.

I live on the 3rd floor. To the east and west, there is no other building as tall as ours. The wind lashed against our building right and left. By 5.30 pm the wind speed began to increase. The sound of the wind was terrifying like the wail of a banshee. Windows began to open up on its own due to the force of the wind. I was afraid it would smash the window pane and break the glass.

I sat down with VK in my palm visualized my building and circled it 20 times with SO7R. Similarly, I shielded each window and door with SO7R. But the speed of the wind kept increasing. I could sense it was nearer to 200kmph and not 133kmph. I was all alone at home.

I sent an SOS message to Sharat Sir and Rakhiji. Then I took VK in my palm and began to chant JESUS MAGIC BEGIN NOW – because Jesus saved his disciples from a terrible storm. I chanted KRISHNA MAGIC BEGIN NOW - thinking of the stormy night when infant Lord Krishna was taken to the other side of Yamuna. Suddenly I got the idea that why not use CALM DOWN SERUM with VK.

I remember looking at the wall clock, it was 6.30 pm. I requested VK to activate and send the energies of CALM DOWN SERUM to Cyclone Amphan. Within 10 minutes the wind speed reduced. By 7 pm the rain stopped. I was totally speechless at the sudden change in the weather. Except for a second-floor window which was broken during the cyclone our building was totally safe. The tin roofs of a few shops nearby were blown away. A mango tree behind our house was slashed from the center.

I bow my head at the LOTUS FEET of LORD KRISHNA and LORD JESUS for protecting me. When I saw the scenes of destruction on TV the next day I was shocked. I am eternally grateful to Sharat Sir and Rakhiji for their Prayers. Thank you Thank you Thank you Sharat Sir for giving us this Divine VK. Thank you Rakhiji for your prayers


  • Thank God you are safe and sound. Again a wonderful use of SO7R and CDS with VK. Golden Sunrise to your courageous heart.
  • @carla ji

    You are not only a passionate VKite but you dwell in divinity of VK. As i read your post, i felt a shiver on my body. Thank God you are all safe.
    When cyclone Nisarga passed through Maharashtra, we experienced the high wind speed. VK saved us.

    And you sustained it with so much wind speed.

    Indeed you have courageous heart . And i admire you for your concious VK healing with divineness and creativity.

    Hats off to you.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to you and your determination. Thank you for sharing.
  • Thank You Sharat Sir for always being there for us and helping us. You have shared the most Divine Gift with us - Our Divine VK. Words cannot express the Gratitude deep down in my heart. Rakhiji thank you so much for your kind words. We are truly blessed to have Divine VK in our life.
    My experience with the magical SO7R and Divinity of VK has taught me a very important lesson - Grow through what you Go through Thank you Sharat Sir. Thank you Rakhiji.

  • @carla

    What A DIVINE Protection you got.

    I saw DIVINITY in your post and kind words of Sharat Sir and Rakhiji.

    Hats off to your Courage, Creativity and your Conscious Healing with SO7R and VK.

    I learnt a NEW way of HEALING WITH SO7R and VK from you.

    It seems you are close friend of SO7R.

    SO7R is protecting you always and making you invisible to unwanted people.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your Creative Healing with VK.

  • @carla
    Magical VK.
    Stay safe.

  • Golden Sunrise @carla Ji,
    I can relate to your situation very well, last year in the same time in May We had faced The Cyclone Fani at Odisha. But any way we were safe by grace of God and with the help of VK.

    Shield of Seven Rays always a daily dose.

    Thank You Sharat Sir.
    Thank You VKay.
    Thank You TEAM.

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