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Mimicking MUSTARD OIL energy to nostrils for cold water blocking headache with VK

Golden Sunrise to all

In lockdown, my friend complained that she was feeling headache and heaviness, cold blocking feeling in the nose at night. She felt it was due to working in water, washing utensils, other household chores. As there is no maid help in lockdown!!

I asked her to apply mustard oil drops in her nostrils. She didn't have the oil at home.

With VK, I requested the energy of MUSTARD OIL to her nostrils with intention safety and security by direct request. The next morning she told me that her headache vanished and she sleeps peacefully like a log.

I love VK's mimicking feature. It is a boon to VK users. Thank you Sharat Sir for VK and its infinite possibilities !!


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