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Mimicking liquorice bark extract,MULETHI, Jeshtimadh healing tonsillitis using VK

Golden Sunrise to all
My maid had fever, cough and severe throat irritation.She was scared of the symptoms. Her doctor said it is inflammation of tonsils.She took medicines but her throat irritation and pain increased. I requested my VK to direct energy of Liquorice bark extract to her throat(also called Mulethi in Hindi or Jeshtimadh in Marathi).
Drinking water charged with ENT SERUM IMMUNE SERUM Dfev Serum Golden Sunrise.
In 3 days she said her throat pain irritation vanished.She recovered from fever completely.
Mulethi bark is known to treat severe throat inflammation easily as per Ayurveda. VK easily mimicked its energy.
Thank you Sharat Sir for VK and its wonderful mimicking feature


  • WOW !!!
    Thank you madam for sharing and inspiring us always with yoir healing experiments with VK.

    Thank you Sharat Sir for Divine VK
    Thank you VK Forum.
  • Amazing mimicking experience.

    We have solutions for every problems with VK.

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