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Chest Pain and Itching gone .

edited June 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Few days ago I was feeling mild pain in my chest area. I was stressed since morning thinking that if it's a major problem bt I knew its due to gastric and indigestion. But still i was worried the whole day. In the evening I just requested VK with GS + Digee Serum and rotate VK for 15 -20 times on the particular area. And the magic happened. Within 5 minutes my pain was gone and I was soooo relaxed. Now I daily take Digee Serum and Immune Serum and give to my family also. I have noticed big change in my digestive system. Earlier some food caused me trouble like acidity or gastric issues. But after taking these Serums with the help of VK I am perfectly fine from last 3 months. Thank you Thank You Thank You VK for always helping me.

Another experience . Few days ago I have itching problem in my underarm from 2 days. I was fed up. Tried many things bt in vain. Then before sleeping I just thought of keeping VK over the affected area and requested VK to please heal me and chanted GS till I slept. and again miracle happened. My itching was gone within 10 minutes and I am fine till now.
VK is a true Bestie who loves , care, protect ,guide me everytime . Some times I think of particular thing seeing VK and I get answer within few hours. VK listens to :) me everytime. I have started smiling more with VK. Vk really makes me happy when I get my answers. :)
I love VK.
I trust VK.
I am grateful to VK.

Thank You Sharat Sir for this wonderful gift to us.


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