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Found a packer and mover easily

Golden sunrise Divine souls
My parents had to shift from Delhi to gurgaon .in midst of this lockdown we were unable to find a good and reliable packet and mover . My brother had been trying from two days and had been refused service from many vendors . It was a pain as we were not sure as due to ongoing condition anytime the borders would be sealed . My mother trusts Vk so she told me to make a request to vk so that we can find a reliable transport person ASAP . I have three vks I just wrote my wish and started giving GS and ACS to my wish with boost method.. my brother pasing by the table saw my paper and made fun of it but I was sure I would be helped by my dear VK ... to my utter surprise we did find one transporter within half an hour and today our house stuff is finally shifted and tonight the borders have been sealed again . I am so thankful to dear VK and dear Sharat sir for this great invention . Vk and Sharat sir has become my constant guides and I am so happy and honored to have them in my life for this guidance .
Blessed be
Kalpana Singh


  • VK always provide solution to our faith in divine.
    Thankyou for sharing your experience.
  • @Kalps821 ,

    Good to hear from you that your problem is solved that too before closing borders. VK always listens our heart. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your FAITH in DIVINE.
    Thanks to @SharatSir and our DIVINE VK.

  • Total surrender to VK always makes way in many of the life situations. Thank you for sharing.

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