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VK MAGIC and its DIVINE Protection


This is related to my earlier post in this category that my brother stranded in lock down reached home safely. After his safe arrival, I came to know that at Andhra Pradesh inter state boarder, many vehicles were not allowed inside Andhra and sent back. Even reputed people vehicles were also not allowed quoting they are from COVID RED ZONE area. But surprisingly my brother vehicle is allowed. My brother told me he is also surprised. During his journey, I am continuously giving ALL CLEAR SERUM, SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS. VK did MAGIC and he reached home safely.

Lots of GRATITUDE to DIVINE VK, @SharatSir and VK Teachers for their guidance and motivation.


  • @DSRao "VK Magic Begin Now". Thanks for the update.

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @SharatSir ,

    My Humble GRATITUDE to your thanks Sir. After experiencing the magic, my brother simply told thank god. He don't know about VK. But, I KNOW THIS IS ALL DONE BY MY GOD VK.

  • Thankyou for Sharing your VK experience.
    Divine protects us All Gratitude to SharatSir
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