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My 1st success with vk, Disc prolapse L1 to L5 pain relief for my mom

edited May 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden sunrise
I feel proud to share my ist success story with vk.
I received my vk on 7th of may 2020 and immediately i started to work with vk
My mother was suffering from disc prolapse i.e. l1 l2, l2 l3, l3 l4, l4 l5. She was also advised for surgery three months back but she did not agreed for that .
I started giving water charged with GS, PCS, BALANCE SERUM, MMM, Effect of full session of physiothrapy with a dose frequency of every 15 minutes on 7th may 2020 and reduced the dosage upto 30 minutes on 20th may.
Now she is 95 % painfree and is amazed with this magic thanks to sharat sir which can not be prescribed in words.


  • One more thing that i was also giving pranic healing to spine and all the chakras of my mother with vk.
  • Thankyou for sharing your VK experience with us.
    Goldensunrise health to your mother.
    Please keep on doing healing for some more time.
  • Sure sir i will keep on doing
  • @mohan

    Happy to read your wonderful experience. Golden sunrise to your determination to heal your mothers pain. Thank you for sharing this inspiring experience.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your mothers recovery and wellbeing.
  • Thank u too rakhi mam
  • Good start dear. Waiting for more success stories from your side.

  • Sure sir very soon
  • Golden Sunrise JOY JOY JOY
    What a great 1st Success Story. We are happiest when we can heal family. Just Beautiful..
    Thank you for sharing..
    Golden Sunrise...
  • Thanks for ur thanx
  • Golden sunrise
    After 10 days of painfree life without any painkiller my mother is experiencing same severe pain for the last 2 days and had to take painkiller even though i m still giving the charged water every 30 minutes.
    Does the recurrence happen during the treatment plz clarify
  • @mohan

    It depends on severity of illness and how old the illness is, any new added illness factors in body.So please continue the healing. Keep the intention HEAL NOW FOREVER.

    To give you an example, a person may heal a headache for that time. But may get the headache again due to many factors.

    A person with migrane headache may use VK to heal it at that time. Migrane if present since years may take time and depends on multiple factors like diet, mental state, stress, situations. Many VK users have reduced their migrane attacks with regular use of VK.

    Disc prolapse changes in body can happen in ageing. so continue healing without counting the days.

    Also in thoughts you may avoid thinking no pain for 10 days....sometimes thinking of pain may invite pain by LOA. so think of her healthy active comfortable easy life everyday.

  • Ok thank u rakhi mam for ur guidance
  • Please note, gastritis can increase disc pain so avoid rice, potato, kali dal, etc.

  • Thank u sir
  • What is MMM ..sorry couldn't understand the shortform of this
  • Here I have one doubt that as it is always mentioned by experts that not to send more than 5 healings for a particular issue with I can see @mohan giving water charged with 5 healings to his mother plus pranic healing and chakra healing to his mother's it ok @sharatsir @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
  • @Muskaan
    In one water max 5 energies. Pl check my video on litairian website. Easy ways to charge water with VK.......
  • I checked ma'am..but I think I miss understood as 5 energies related to a particular for health max 5 for health whether in water or direct request.. sorry I got confused
  • Yes only 5 maximum energies in one combination related to same healing all in water charging or direct request.
    Also please don't club health and wealth in one.
    MMM is Maha Mrityunjay Mantra.
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