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Dealing with Urinary infection at home using VK

Golden Sunrise Master Sharat
This is my VK experience in lockdown.My wife got severe pain in abdomen and urine difficulties too with fever coming and going.Going to doctor has become i asked VK teacher Rakhi which medicine can i mimic to drive out this infection. I was mimicking Norfloxacin it was not helping much.She advised if my wife has developed resistance to Norfloxacin even if i mimic it with VK it will not work as VK is only mimicking the antibiotic that has no effect if there a previous antibiotic resistance.I thought to myself that it does make sense.She advised to use energy of Macrobid capsules.She alerted that it may take 2 days for pain to reduce as VK is only mimicking the effects and this another antibiotic takes it time.So I should add Key pen serum and Pain care serum too.
I did charge her water with Serums and this medicine energy with safety. That day she slept better.Next day she got better and pain vanished in 2days.Rakhi advised drink this water for a week for complete elimination of infection.VK is such a boon to me in lockdown days i was scared to take my wife out to the hospital but could not manage her increasing pain and fever repeatedly.My wife is now feeling healthy. Take care everyone and use VK for good health.Thank you Master Sharat for VK.Thank you @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher for teaching me new lesson on mimicking.


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