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Mother son issue

Golden sunrise
One widow lady is having only a son. His son with his wife has left his mother one year after his marriage and it has been 7 years since then and even he has not made a single contact not even a phone call since then.
I m charging energy circle with the name of those three with golden sunrise one soul serum calm down serum and so7r.
Plz guide me whatelse can i do to make her son make a call atleast once to her.


  • @mohan

    VK GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH for 2 way communication
  • Rakhi mam plz elaborate how to do it whether direct or ec plz guide
  • @mohan

    REACH is a switchword can use to connect to people. use with direct request it works wonderfully with VK

  • How to make direct request with switchword or plz suggest some example of affirmation
  • @rakhi mam
    Can wa send the energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE BRING to that lady to make her son come back home or should this energy be sent to her son
  • @mohan
    For communication use REACH

    BRING to call back a person. Direct the energy to person who should come back
  • Thank u rakhi mam
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