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Maid on a contract wants to leave

Hi Sharat Sir,

Golden Sunrise Sir and family, My Husband and myself have been using my precious angel VK from 15 May and I saw tremendous changes in my husband and myself.

So till now following are some of the serums that I have utilized
1) One soul serum for my husband and myself
2) Love serum for my family members
3) Calm down serum to my family members before we sleep
4) One soul serum to my team members at work, (this really worked overnight as I saw so much differences in our communication.

But this one situation at home is still the same and i need help Sir. from last year Oct till now, I have taken a domestic helper to help me out as I am working and i have a toddler at home but from the day she arrived till now we have been having a lot of challenges. First challenge is we were not told by the agent she has her husband here. So we had a lot of threatens from the husband and he came to the house many times, called us many times. Everyday at home, i have given her a time table to follow her work and for each area in home what are stuffs to do. It has been now 7 months but till now she has been not performing her work properly and being very aggressive to me even when i just speak to her on her task only. We have tried all ways like getting the agent to speak to her, we also tried and she has been doing lots of things which are not right. So I have been asking VK what to do and also send her love serum and calm down serum as she has been very aggressive. After talking to VK, VK did get the agent to speak to her that if she works for another 6 months without any pay then we can send her back to her native place and not to her husband as per Government rules here in Malaysia when we signed the contract with her. But she didn't agree to this yet. I am uncertain on what else to do as we even got a lawyer to come over and sit over and explain to her on her contract that we can't send her over to her husband as per the rules from Government and as employer we can deduct her salary if she doesn't adhere to the task as per in timetable.

This has caused all of us at home to be not very happy as the domestic helper is behaving like she is the boss of the house and doesn't realize that what she is speaking or thinking is totally wrong, Even how much i tried to explain to her, she is always going aggresive.

Please suggest what can i do to bring more happiness and calm at home and at the same time make her to complete her work nicely and also come down to a conclusion if she is not happy working here, to either return our money (as per contract) or at least agree to our suggestion where she works for another 6 months without any salary and we send her back.

Please help me family as this is affecting our situation at home. Lots of love


  • Thanks to Madam Selvarani Ji for introducing us to VK, it is a precious child angel for us both

  • @angel_county

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    VK will always help only with positive intentions.
    It is not justified that one takes the domestic work from a human being and not pay.

    Also thinking about the husband wife relation. Its not clear in your post about what is her husband saying. What is he threatening about. Domestic contract is one thing but is it connected to her husband then it cannot be overlooked humanly.

    As of now you can request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE make way for the maid to work as per the contract peacefully completing the required task
    . make her to complete her work nicely as you said.

    If you intend on not paying the maid if she works fully or partially. It would be UNFAIR. VK will NOT follow such intentions.
  • Hi Rakhi,

    Golden Sunrise, we have taken a signed 2 year contract with domestic helper following Government rules. In the contract if she doesn't serve her 2 years contract she needs to give the employer amount of money.

    Currently Husband is coming to our home premise to meet her and ask if we could let her go out with him and this is not agreed by the agent as before coming the agent already mentioned the rules clearly that they cannot come to employer house. We signed contract agreement with the domestic helper with agent as the witness and a family member. All her documents says she is unmarried.

    Then when she reached our home, after 2 days her husband calls us and says that the wife is a shy character and she told the husband to talk to us. So we clearly told her you are our employee but not your husband.

    Her husband found her another job for her and is asking us to release her. So we told her as per the contract if she settles the deposit money to us the employer so we can send her back to her home and we can request for a new domestic helper as per the rules and regulations from government. As we need to produce a checkout memo to the government after sending her back but her husband wants us to release her instead of sending her back.

    Sis, we are paying her regularly, currently what i intended to share was that the Agent suggested since the domestic helper can't pay the deposit amount so agent proposed her to work another 6 months till she reaches 1 year of her contract without any pay to deduct for her flight ticket, and also partial deposit money.

    Hence we are fine with this, but domestic helper haven;t agree yet. I have used the VK for positive intentions only and prayed that we get a solution.

    I am sorry my explanation is not clear.

  • @angel_county

    Who paid the deposit money as per contract?
  • Sis, i have paid
  • @angel_county

    Request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE lead me to a way where this maid fulfils her duty as per contract happily and peacefully and also she is a able to meet her husband.

    Leave it to VK.

    Reading all the posts i gather that though she did not mention about her marital status in the contract. She does share good relation with her husband. They both seek to meet each other. Check out the possiblility that you can allow her to go out with her husband. Maybe he is asking you to release her only so that he can meet her.
    Maybe a balance is needed to understand their situation. Though its a legal contract practically there can be relaxations where she would also work happily and you would just need to allow her sometime with her husband out of your home.
  • Golden sunrise Angel_County. Read your posts. Both of you must be undergoing a lot of trauma
    Send Beauty serum and love serum to her work and to your relationships with Vk. Vk does miraculous work.
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