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Need correct guidance for eyes requiring more light to read

edited May 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Hey VK family,
I hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound in this corona pandemic. Now coming to my question, I have my friend who is in late 30s is facing an issue with his eyes where when he tries to read something in normal don't at a distance of 10 inches he needs extra light as he can't read it. We went to eye specialist and he told there was no issue with regards to spectacle required and gave some antibiotics as he had some red eye which was cleared.
Now it's around 2 months but he is still having the same issue where he needs extra light to read things. I gave his eyes and eye drops eye care serum, perfect health serum, Golden sunrise and Charming moon and balance serum so any retina balance can be taken care of. I also did VOB for his eyes almost for 15 days but it's not resolved and he is still facing the same issue.
Please guide me what I can do to heal his eyes and make his vision perfect for years to come.


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