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One prick instead of four

edited May 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden sunrise dearies,

I am so happy and blessed. My father is undergoing antibiotics for like three weeks now which have to be given to him through canula which is quite a painful procedure for him as it always takes around 4 pricks every time as the nurses are not able to locate his veins.

It’s indeed painful for us also to watch him like this he is always scared like a little baby of those pricks as he fainted once when they could need find one vein and kept pricking him . It’s traumatic. So from last time few times I was healing my father for giving him strength to bear this pain and it worked but this time I thought why not try to reduce the number of pricks instead.

So his scheduled canula change was today morning so since yesterday I kept requesting my dear vk to guide the nurse to prick my father in the right vein in the first prick with least pain and discomfort. I also prayed and asked my other family members to just pray for him when as many times as possible with this intention. And to my utter surprise the nurse did find one perfect vein in the first prick with least pain , I literally jumped with happiness and thanked God and my Vk for this guidance.

I am so great full and blessed to be having my vks . Looking forward to winning my next vks soon .

I am really thankful to dear sharat sir for this great innovation.

So happy and delighted to have eased my dads pain


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