Experience with VK deep sleep for 5 hrs waking up fresh

Golden Sunrise Friends and mentors,

It's not even one week since I have been blessed with VK. I have been exploring and reading about VK a lot and requesting VK something nor other.

Usually I wake up around 12 or 11;30 these days .

On the first night at 3 am I requested VK to activate a DEEP Sleep for 5 hours and wake me up at 8 am feeling refreshed . I said this three times clearly okay and I was amazed that I woke up around the same time naturally .

Now last night I did the same at 3:30 and told the same to VK and I woke up naturally around 9:30 . It has never happened in my lifetime that I m feeling this fresh with a 5 hour sleep ( as I need atleast 8-9 hours of sleep to feel fresh ) .

Also I noticed that VK talks to you , it will do everything to fulfill the request . In order to wake me up I got messages in form of dreams which made me awake happily ..
Thanks and gratitude


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