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Experience with VK deep sleep for 5 hrs waking up fresh

Golden Sunrise Friends and mentors,

It's not even one week since I have been blessed with VK. I have been exploring and reading about VK a lot and requesting VK something nor other.

Usually I wake up around 12 or 11;30 these days .

On the first night at 3 am I requested VK to activate a DEEP Sleep for 5 hours and wake me up at 8 am feeling refreshed . I said this three times clearly okay and I was amazed that I woke up around the same time naturally .

Now last night I did the same at 3:30 and told the same to VK and I woke up naturally around 9:30 . It has never happened in my lifetime that I m feeling this fresh with a 5 hour sleep ( as I need atleast 8-9 hours of sleep to feel fresh ) .

Also I noticed that VK talks to you , it will do everything to fulfill the request . In order to wake me up I got messages in form of dreams which made me awake happily ..
Thanks and gratitude


  • I am very happy to see you here and share your experience. Have a Golden Sunrise Life Ahead.

  • Wow that's a good experience @Sankalpgp
  • WOW another Blessed VK user who have experienced that VK talks to you..
    Beautiful Experience..
    Golden Sunrise Rainbow Joy
  • @Sankalpgp ,

    You are a blessed VK user.

  • I tried this during my exams but I don't know why It didn't work for me!
  • @Brightlife888
    What was the request and what was the experience

    The outcome of this request depends on your state of mind and body.
  • I slept at around 2 -3 am and I requested vk to wake me up at 5:30, giving me the effect of sleeping for 6 hours!
    I woke up at around 6:30 didn't feel any fresh feeling like sleeping for 6hrs
    May be I asked too much
  • I tried freezing time also during prepeartion for exam and once while writing exam, but didn't feel like that request was useful!
    May be requesting once was not enough
  • Very nice experience @Sankalpgp

    Thank you for sharing.

  • @Brightlife888

    If you were too tired then such short time that too at the time which is the most essential time for sleep has not worked. Becoz VK will do best for you.
    As a medico you would also agree to this point.

    Regarding freezing time , its a completely absurd request.

    Only Lord Narayan can do this !!

    When you ask freezing of time there would be many beings who might be in some difficult or suffering stage, they might be thinking or waiting to step in the next moment.

    So when we do any request we should also consider how the effect will be for others. Maybe this just didnt occur to you.

    I would say time is something which we should enjoy and accept as it comes.

    Rather you can request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE make way for my easy complete perfect answering in the exam.

    You can also follow VK tip 130 for exams.
  • I agree with you ma'am I saw this freezing time in one of the vk tips itself where you also commented it can be used during exams, as far as I remember. so I have it a try!! Yeah it's an absurd request
  • @Brightlife888

    I used the keyword FREEZE/FREEZ on forum, I didn't get any post.Please share that link, where you read these comments by me in previous posts. Let me check what I posted. If it needs correction we will correct the post.

  • Sorry mam I couldn't find it I don't why I remember like that
  • @Brightlife888

    I have not used such request so may be you read something else.

    This deep power nap request i had started using 4 years back when i was a new user. I have always used in 2 situations
    At night when cannot sleep so requested at least for 5 hrs sleep

    In daytime i used for 15 min powernap with 2 hrs deep sleep effect where i was in office and i was sleepy due to lack of sleep in night.

    When we ask very short sleep hours in night after 3 am it may not work as i explained you in earlier post.
    In a medico language, its like a person is injured the feet , doctor has put a plaster and the patient says i want to run now.
    So tell me as a medico what will you tell the patient. I am sure you will tell the patient to rest.

    Regarding FREEZING TIME request, if i have to give exam with short of time , i would prefer to request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE help me to finish my syllabus. Or during exam time i would request VK to buy more time for time. If you have seen 3 idiots movie, the characters write exam beyond the scheduled time

    So when you use VK use it reasonably. If we make absurd requests and say it didnt work, understand VK is for our good. When we ask for something we need to use our intelligence and check whether our requests are fair or reasonable.
    People say VK heals miraculously, those situations are where a person is in great suffering and the person comes out from that suffering.

    But expecting VK to do miracles compromising on body's need on sleep at midnight or requesting to freeze time just for exam writing, VK is not for such things. If you are expecting VK to work like this, that will not happen anytime. Its not about VK working its about absurd expectations.
  • Am not complaining about vk ma'am I didn't get why vk didn't work in these matters so I wanted to know as a student of vk,so I asked, to learn from teachers like you, thank you ma'am.yes definitely unreasonable expectations, that I understood now. Once again thank you for this teaching, when am in problems probably my reasonable thinking vanishes and three idiots Wala writing beyond scheduled time that is also unreasonable for me ma'am here in our college. From now on I'll work for vk miracles while requesting reasonably. Thank you ma'am
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Mam even I tried this from many days I used to request vk like this to wake me up @5 am
    Vk pls activate deep sleep in me now and wake me up @5am in the morning and I used to wake by around 5:02 am
    But I wanted to get up even more early so I requested vk like this
    Vk pls activate deep sleep in me now and me up @4 am but from past two days i get up at 3:30 and when I sleep again I get up 5 am so mam can u pls tell if vk is working in this case ?!! And why vk wakes me up early ?!
    Gratitude ????
  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    Dont know may be you have the worrried thoughts of getting up early.
    According to me there is not much difference between 3.30 or 4am its just half an hour earlier.

    But if by getting up at 3.30 or 4 am you are again getting sleep till 5am means your body actually needs rest.

    Dont overdo with yout sleep pattern.
    If you want to get up at 4am ideally you should sleep by 9pm or 9.30pm previous night. Check ur sleeping pattern are you taking enough rest if daily u wish to get up at 4am
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    yes... i am actually worried and i want to get up early @ 4am and i checking if vk is working for me and yes i do sleep by 9 or 10 pm

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