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What to do when someone stops talking to you?

Hello Teachers.


I hope everyone is safe and taking care of the themselves and their loved ones.

I have a situation, for which I need your guidance. I have a friend who is not talking to me.

Months ago, I met this girl and we became friends and became very good friends. Showing interest in each other's personal lives. It was all going smoothly. We both use to talk a lot to each other and our talks were more centered around relationships and love.

One fine day I decided to express my feelings but this was the first time, so shared my feelings with her. She refused and then stopped talking to me. But after a few weeks I reinitiated and then we started talking to each other again and things were normal as if nothing happened. But what happened was this girl started to come more closer to me and I could sense she developing lot of interest in me. I was confused is this the same girl.

Things continued for more months in same manner. And I thought we need to talk about what is happening between us. Now I thought may be it is the right time I went to meet her and was scared. I thought I would amicably sort this out and would try understand what she feels for me, instead I screwed the script and went on say things which I shouldn't. I made her angry(I was not a VK user at that time).
Whoa! What was coming after that I could not have imagined. She became extremely angry with me. After few months of silence we started to talk again well it was not like earlier but we were talking.

So I thought why not directly ask her about taking our relationship further but she says that a relationship cannot happen because of the age difference we have and there will be problems in the future. (we both are adults and our age is enough that we can take desicions on our own) Again she stopped talking.

To this date we both are still in touch with each other. Sometimes we talk or we don't. She sometimes replies to my messages and sometimes she doesn't.

I sometimes think that it is because of that day when I went to meet her and made her angry.

I want this relationship to heal I want to give energies to her so she can overcome the past pain and hurt.

And one day when things are normal between us I will give my best to win her heart.

*I have never tried to force my feelings on her. I have never forced her to talk to me.

I know that there is BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY which can help in this type of situation.

Just to understand I need to say pointing towards her photo VK GOLDEN SUNRISE X 3 times please give this person BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY X 3 times NOW FOREVER.

Please confirm if my understanding is correct. Also, please guide me if I can do anything more to help myself.

Thank you for going through my post and I have tried to be as detailed as possible so that it gives a fair idea about my situation. I have never ever spoken about this to anyone before.



  • @Kuldiplatt

    For questions on VK procedures please check BASICS OF VK post. ..

    Request your VK GOLDEN SUNRISE if we(you and girl name ) both are best deserving for each other in marriage please make way for marital union.

    If we(you and girls name) are not best deserving partners for each other in marriage show me the way ahead.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Thank you very much for the guidance.
  • Surrender to divine VK @Kuldiplatt .if she is meant for you,vk will bring her to you.or else someone special will enter your life.

  • @Remo Yes my friend. Surrendering to Divine VK I also believe is the best thing to do. I am also doing the same.
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