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Pain on hand due to IV canula and injections healed with VK

edited May 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden sunrise dearies
I am so delighted to yet again post a vk miracle . My father has been under antibiotics injections for like two weeks now and his pain in the hand due to iv canula was pretty bad today . He’s a warrior and never speaks until he just can’t bear it anymore praises to him for that . Finally he told me I wasted no time and started my vk healing within half an hour the pain was healed completely so that so that he didnot remember it he had it at all and was so happy and thankful. All he asked me was kaise Kia beta kya chamatkar hai ye beta and blessed me so much . I am so happy I could heal him .VK does empower one who has it I am so glad I have two . Hoping to win a few more vks in a jackpot given by Sharat sir some day ???? .
I am really great full and thankful to dear sharat sir and divine VK
Blessed be
Kalpana Singh


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