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edited June 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Hello to my VK family,

As we all know that we all are in the lockdown and many of them are having trouble with sources of income. My uncle who is a stock market trader was worrying about the future of the marker and all the investments. He was leading to depression and anxiety due to unclear about the markets and personal issues. As he is my neighbor we just crossed paths 1 week ago. He told me to join him for tea and I went to his house.

I somehow felt something was not right as I was getting some strange vibes and told VK to give me SO7R and told other VK to give me bravo serum. I don't know but it was an inner voice which told me to do it and I did. As I went and saw his system and work area I knew something was not right looking at the arrangements and told him to change the place of work if possible to the north.

I asked him has he done any Satyanarayan or Vastu Puja in the home and all but he had not done since his Son and daughter in law left him and his wife 8 years ago to settle for a new country.

I just told his wife to spray Ganga Jal all around the house and start showing incense stick to the Ganesh on the main door as I felt it will help them and in all these talks I was holding my VK in my mind.

I gave total wealth serum to his Demat Account and bank account. And other VK I gave one soul serum to his entire family and prayed Hanumanji to get all of them together and left the house.

4 days later he called me and said he was feeling the positive effect of the INCENSE STICKS and Gangajal spray in his house.
Also, he was so happy as he spoke to his granddaughter after 3 years and he was assured by his son that he will be taking them to settle abroad.

Now I see him happy.

I don't know what was it that I felt like he should do and it worked. Was it right guidance shown by VK or was VK working with my inner voice?

Too many questions in my mind so asking you to please guide me if I missed something.


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