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VK healed boil wonderfully with simple request and BOOST method.

edited April 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise !!!
I want to share my another VK experience. Some days ago, my daughter had a boil on her right knee. She was in pain. But I said to her don't worry about that Divine VK is there for your help. My Divine VK will cure this boil and you will be alright. I requested my Divine VK to heal my daughter's affected area now forever with safety and security by boost method (x3). I requested my VK many times in a day. And that same night her boil burst and I cleaned that area with savlon and applied some betadine on that area. After that she slept peacefully. In the morning, when I asked her about her knee pain she said that there was a lil bit pain in her knee area. Again I requested my dear VK to heal her knee completely now forever with safety and security. I repeated my request 4 to 5 times. Next day her pain had completely gone. And her knee area was completely healed. Thank you Divine, Thank you Divine Sharat Sir, Thank you my best friend VK. Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!


  • @kavita ji
    Very nice experience requesting VK in your own words.
    Thank you for sharing always.
  • Thank You sooooo much Mam.
  • Thankyou for sharing your experience.
    Golden Sunrise to your daughter for perfect health always.
  • Thank You @ Puneet-Certified VK Teacher
  • Hi Rakhi mam, meri baby 3.3 years ki hain usko 7 momth se right eye me uper nd neeche boil hain..dr gave medicine..nahi gaya...dr said garam pani se sek karo 6 mahine se m doing garam pani ka sek..bahut chhota hain but gaya nahi ab tak...
    Main eye serum nd all clear serim se daily healing de rahi hun vk ke through ..but m just thinking kya main uski eyes ke boil le liye pscysic surgery kar sakti hin
  • @rubyp18
    Ji kar sakte ho intention with safety and security.
    VK ko baby ke aankhon ke upar dooor se rotate bi kar sakte ho EYE SERUM ki chanting se
  • Thanks Rakhi Mam????
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