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Armpit lump healed miraculously within 4days with my VK doing Reiki psychic surgery

edited April 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise !!!
I want to share one more my Amazing experience with my Divine friend VK.Some days ago I suddenly woke up at 4O'clock in the morning due to immense pain in my right armpit.I touched my armpit with left hand to notice what's going on.Then suddenly shocked to see that it was a big lump and swelling there.I felt very bad but at the same time I looked at my V K and requested ,O my Divine VK please do reiki psychic surgery for that affected area now forever with Safety and Security (x3). After 1hr. I repeated same request .Then I noticed that my pain and swelling was reduced to 70%. After that I was busy with my daily routine work for whole day and forgot about my pain. Next day I felt same pain. I requested again for psychic surgery. After that I felt soooo much relief, my lump was shrinked in size and my swelling was totally gone. I requested one more time and forgot about my pain at all. Next day when I wokeup I was extremely happy to see my lump, it was only lil bit and almost had gone.My pain was vanished. Within 4 days I was healed completely.No more swelling,lump and no more pain remain.But I did Psychic surgery with my Divine V K some more times. Only my Divine friend VK can do miracles like this. Thank You Divine Sharat Sir for Divine V K.Thank You Divine, thank you All VK Teachers and Mentors, thank You Litairian Forum.
Gratitude !Gratitude !Gratitude!


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