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Big cyst healed in three days with Divine VK

edited April 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Good evening divine souls
My mother complaint of a big cyst in her private part which started paining and this when she cared to tell me as it is lockdown going on and she does not want to go to drs so thought of testing vk as she does not believe in its healings . I would like to say that this lockdown actually did test vk to its full potential in my family people started believing in its healings and it’s powers atleast they said something is there that works . I am happy about it I took the opportunity to heal her the pain was gone in a few hours and the cyst size reduced to half in a matter of two days .
I gave her care serum , all clear serum, golden sunrise , and healing energies of Hanuman ji and maha mrityunjay mantra .
I believe she would be completely healed soon
Thanks to divine vk and dear sharat sir


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