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Miracle effect of VK

Namaste to all My VK FAMILY.
As we all know that we are facing a lock down for more than a month now, I was using VK to keep my security guard and the entire place in Pune none of the person should be affected by Covid19 and I used to send energy two times every day and night with Golden Sunrise, SO7R and Energy of Maha Kali to destroy any evils trying to effect the area in pune where I live and boosting with my VK2.
AND YES IT IS SHOWING ME THE MIRACLE AS THE ENTIRE AREA IS FREE FROM THE INFECTION. I confirmed with the local authorities also and they also confirmed the same that 3*3 km residential area where I live is unaffected till yesterday evening.
Will share more experiences soon.

Shrinath Rao


  • @Shrinath
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. We pray the whole world get free NOW FOREVER.
    May the magic of miracle spread.

  • From 20/4 - 1/5 still no cases in the area where I stay though Maharashtra has the highest cases in India. There are quarantine center set up at a distance of 1.5 kms from my place but still all the people in the area are safe and sound and it's a green zone area. Yeeee hawwwa miracle not just for my protection but for a full locality.
  • @Shrinath

    Thats great. Stay safe. TC

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