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VK Attuning process

Dear VK Teachers,

Even though we have seen the magics of VK, we have never seen how VK gets such mighty powers.
It will be very valuable if you provide a video on VK attuning process by Sharatsir. I am eagerly waiting for the video. All the new as well old VK veterans will enlightened with this video tutorial. Hope my request will be entertained. Thanks in advance. Golden Sunrise to all.


  • Golden Sunrise Dear
    Sharat Sir has attuned Cosmic Energies in Vk. as he is divinely blessed to see the Cosmic Energies. He is specially blessed to attune those energies permanently in VK and he has locked them in VK so that no one can de-attune it not even himself.
    Suppose even if he make a video about the process of Attuning, are you qualified to see cosmic energies?
    If yes, then you are far ahead of us.
    If no, then make yourself qualified to that level.

    I hope you understand my point.

  • @success811

    Can a video camera capture the cosmic energy rays ?

  • A VK user in Thailand was charging water with GOLDEN SUNRISE energy using VK.

    The VK user could see a GOLDEN LIGHT supply coming out from VK into water as it was being charged. Next time that VK user clicked picture . It was not seen in the picture. Camera could not even capture this GOLDEN light which that VK user saw !!

    How many people can see Cosmic Energies. Is there a camera which can capture the clear images of cosmic energies ??

  • Thank you Anitji and Rakhiji for convincing reply, I learned a lot on attuning and understood, it is not possible to see the Cosmic ernergies through human eye.

  • In Shivyog Shivirs (Avadhoot Shivanand Swami) where I had participated they have shown various Kirlian Photographs of GOLDEN LIGHT of GOD coming from devotee's both hands and third eye when Shivyogi starts Shivyog Sadhna/Healing and sending Shivyog Shakti (GOLDEN LIGHT). There were also Kirlian Photographs of patients /persons who were receiving GOLDEN LIGHT sent by Shivyogi.When Shaktipat was done by Avadhoot on Devotees then FLOODS of GOLDEN LIGHT coming from Universe was also captured in Kirlian photography.These were shown in Shambhavi Shivirs at Ahmedabad 2 years back.

  • Dear @1234,

    Golden SunRise, without an offence, if I comment honestly, methodology of all streams of holistic techniques stand on faith of a follower, and Shivyog is no exception. Photographs of energies are shown to generate the faith in the follower, which is a fundamental requisite. But where all techniques demand to have faith in it, Sharat Sir asks all "to doubt". VK works even without having faith in it. This is the uniqueness of VK. Therefore, we do not show any evidence/proof to convince a healer to grow his/her faith - the results show its authenticity and faith generates itself.

    But since a quarry is raised, I would really appreciate if anyone may arrange for a Krilian camera to shoot this happening. Although, we VK healers practice in complete proven faith on VK, still I would also like attend a meeting like this and I assure, Sir will be happy to demonstrate this divine happening and in this process, we all will be enlightened collectively.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir
    So true for Sharat Sir and VK.
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