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Numbness in both hands healed with VK and Cosmic Serums by Sharat Sir

edited April 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden sunrise ????
I am Kalpana Singh I was having numbness in both my hands from last one month and I had been ignoring it for quite some time as I was busy healing others as i only have 2 vks and i try to get most out of it . I felt things getting worse with my hands when one day i realized I was dropping things here and there meaning I was losing grip of my hand and later realized the strength in one of my hand was only negligible I was quite tensed as the numbness was now not letting me sleep at all . So decided to heal myself as it was more than two weeks since i had slept well . I gave myself Bravo serum , Pain care serum , heart serum and In one night i could feel the difference I could sleep well as the numbness was almost 90% healed in just one night I would simply call it a miracle of vk . Now I am feeling much better with some weakness left for which I am healing myself and I am sure I will be healthy soon .
Thanks Sharat sir really blessed to be a part of ur vk family .
Will soon be sharing a few more success stories of other people i healed once they are absolutely healthy
Thanks again
Kalpana Singh


  • Thankyou for sharing your experience. Please keep taking these energies for some more time along with Heart Serum.
    You can also take Perfect Health Serum, Gym Serum, Balance Serum, Golden Sunrise 4,5 times daily to boost your health and Strength
  • Thank u Punnet ji
    I also used another modality of healing with VK which was mimicking the energy and effect of carpel tunnel release syndrome surgery with safety and security. And this later helped me with weakness and leftover numbness . I can now say my hands are almost healed just 1%may be 2% left which will be healed soon . But I m really happy and proud .
    Thanks Sharat sir for this divine gift .
  • @Kalps821
    Thank you for sharing beautiful experiences.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your health
  • That's amazing experience @Kalps821 Ji,
    Golden Sunrise to your healing journey.

    Thank you for encouraging us.

  • @Kalps821 Thank-you for sharing I had also did Carpal tunnel surgery mimicking with VK for my aunt and it is very much effective.
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