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My grandchildren's healing,superb recovery from autism with VK

edited April 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise Rainbow Joy.
I've been doing VK serums since 2018 when I received VK. My special grandchildren couldn't sleep at night, can't eat normally and easily get hyper. I have 3 VKs. With this VK, I requested VK power nap for them to have some hours of sleep and wake up fresh in the morning. Following this, they eventually had improved sleep patterns. I have also done Acupressure for Normal Coordination for their brain and body movements with safety and security. I have done Acupressure for their clear speech, again with safety and security. I have asked Sharat Sir if I can do Pyschic Surgery for my grandchildren (I have read about this in an article of his). He said I can. Thus, I requested VK "rectify brain disorder"³ and then to do Pyschic Surgery³ with safety and security. I have so done Brain serum, ENT serum, Immune serum, Matha Mritunjaya Mantram, and a number of other helpful serums. In early February last year, I got to know Rakhiji and she advised me to do for food as well. I then requested VK to negate the effects of all food which causes intolerance to my grandchildren. Anytime I would like my doubts on VK serums cleared, I would always refer to Rakhi and listen to her instructions. Now my grandchildren are so much better, 90% better than before. Thank you Sharat Sir, Rakhiji and most importantly, VK.


  • Wow! Great healing experience!
    Divine VK always rocks!!!
    Gratitude to Sharat sir, VK teachers & divine VK
  • Thankyou for sharing your experience with us.
    Golden Sunrise to your efforts.
  • @Yasha ji

    Out of the world experience. Your experience reflects your faith on VK and determination to improve the lives of your grandchildren. Thank you very much for this very inspiring VK experience.

    I have seen this in the video you shared on the children's progress. Its adorable.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts in bringing happiness in family.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for Divine VK in our lives.

  • Wow
    With faith and determination and with divine VK everything is possible
  • Golden sunrise
    Excellent progress Ji.Gratitude to vk
  • Golden Sunrise & Congratulations Yasha ji for your belief converting into succes with the help of divine VK. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience. Thanks to divine VK and Gratitude to Sharat Sir.
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