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20 yr property court case settled with Shri Hanuman chalisa energy with VK

Pranam Sharat Sirji , golden sunrise
A property issue was going on for more than 20 yr in court in my family.two sisters fighting on ancestral property sister was fair and legally she won 10 yr back.with appeal and unnecessary newer court cases by second sister was annoying.noone could enjoy the property.Past 3 month I felt the sister who won 10 yr back is under influence of black magic or evil eyes.she was willing to settle with younger sister giving her some money, but new tantrums the other sister played every time and fooled this sister.i started charging the elder sisters drinking water with Shri Hanuman Chalisa using divine 3 months vk magic worked, the younger sister settled, withdrawn all court cases.they signed papers.finally after decades they are peaceful with money and property dispute.million thanks to Sharat Sirji for vk and mimicking Shri hanuman chalisa effect in water.I was also praying to vk the younger sister get some money whatever she deserves even if she was proved wrong in court. she never took care of any family members.VK took care of both sisters as they deserved.


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