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VK Helped me with my Fear

Golden Sunrise to All

I used to be terrified of Thunder and Lightning. So one day I was alone in my apartment and suddenly there was a severe thunderstorm. I closed my windows and lied down on my bed holding my VK hiding under a blanket, shivering uncontrollably. I continuously asked VK please stop the thunder and lightning and within 5 minutes something changed within me. I started laughing at myself and I was baffled at what just happened. Then I realised what VK had done. VK just instantly stopped me from being scared. I got down from my bed, went to the balcony and started enjoying the storm. And within 15 minutes the storm also stopped. This experience went from being terrified to enjoyment within minutes. I love my VK.
Thank you Sharat Sir for creating Divine VK.

Golden Sunrise


  • Wonderful enjoy bold and courageous life ahead with divine VK.
    You can take Bravo Serum and Shield of Seven Rays for more courage regularly.
    Thankyou for sharing your VK experience.
  • Thanks Puneet Sir for your Tip. :)
  • Golden Sunrise

    Wow really great experience it was really good to know that Vk choose the right path of Healing for u

    Thank You for SHARAT Sir and team Litrarian
    Thank You VK

    Golden Sunrise
  • Wow. Fear to Joy experience that too in short span of time.. Wonderful
    Golden Sunrise
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