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Out of depression, VK mimicking Akashic flush and karmic illness flush empowerment, violet flame

edited February 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Hello Golden sunrise

I am a domestic violance survivor. I was very much depressed . I was not able to see light also as my life was ruined(physical n mentally harassed) by my husband and his family . Reiki came into my life .... I started learning different healing modalities still the situation was same as still I had depression patterns .... Then Universe blessed me with VK ... Suddenly my life changed i am completely stable now and very happy . Thanks to Sharath sir ????


  • Great Golden Sunrise Blessings to you.
  • @Anusha11

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Happy to read about your happiness. Thanks for sharing.
    You can also share what special healing you did with VK for this happiness or did it just happen after VK in your life


  • I was suffering from past life negative karmic effect ...
    After VK entered my life the magic began

    I started mimicking VK with Akashic record flush empowerment ,Karmic Illness Flush Empowerment,Clearing 7 karma removal
    Purple fire of karma cleaning.

    Started using calm down serum and mood up serum and GS with VK when ever I was tensed / depressed and also mimicked silver violet flame to clear all negative and depressive patterns .

    When Ever I was not able to sleep. I used to request VK to take me to deep sleep .

    Also activating my energy circles with VK .

    VK has become Soo beloved to me that when ever I wake up the first thing I remember in the morning is VK . SOO ADDICTED TO VK

  • I got to know about my negative karmic effect from getting Akashic record reading
  • @Anusha11

    Great going with VK mimicking. Happy for you. Thank you for sharing.
    Wish you a GOLDEN SUNRISE Blessed life

  • Thanks a lot mam... GOLDEN SUNRISE
  • Excellent doing @Anusha11 . Stay Blessed.

  • Thank Yu sir . Gratitude
  • Golden Sunrise

    A very inspiring post Anusha mam u bounced back with different negative situations very greately

    This really shows the power of VK if u keep useing VK it can really solve any problems

    Thank You VK to solve all problems spiritual mental emotional and physical

    Thank You Mam for shareing your experience

    Thank You SHARAT Sir for such a great invention VK

    Thank You Team Litrarian for this forum

    Gratitude to all

    Golden Sunrise
  • Thank you @Krishnaguntupalli ,. Golden sunrise
  • Hi @Anusha11 ,

    if you don't mind please could you share exactly how you requested VK? Like what words you used and how many times you requested?

    I want to know about my past life negative karma too

    Kind regards

  • @Anusha11,

    Can you give exact request for mimicking energy of akashic record flush empowerment, karmic illness flush empowerment, silver violet flame?

    Thank you.

  • Hi @Anusha11 ,

    How frequently were you sending the energies ?

    Thank you.
  • @haresh
    How do you mimick any energy.
    How do you send GOLDEN SUNRISE energy. Thats a switch word.
    Same way request for any other energy.
    VK procedures are same. Frequency of healing depends on need. Must check Basic post 13 on this forum
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