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How VK worked for me on my subconscious thoughts

I'm a single mom with a 3 year old son. My parents have been looking after him for the past 2 years when I go to work. I'll be back on Thursdays and spend the weekend with him. He'll always tell me that he wants me the whole day. I'll be very sad whenever he tells me that and hugs me tightly. When I used to take my train ride to work everyday, I'll see many parents walking with their children, holding hands, sending them to school. I was full of envy of them being part of their child's upbringing and being with them fully. I wear a VK locket in a chain that's around my heart level. Subconsciously I will think when I would be able to be the same like them, sending my son to school every day, being with him. I've teared thinking of it as well. But end of last November, my mom told me that we'll move back to my place and put him in a school nearby. I can send him to school and go to office. Initially the idea was to put him to school at my parents town with the same routine of me coming back evety weekends. I was so excited and started to look for a school and enrolled him into it. At the beginning of 2020, our journey started. I'll get him ready in the morning for school, send him to school and my dad will fetch him back. I've moved into my home in my town with my parents and my son. I believe that VK is connected to me and heard my yearning for my son. As a mother, my VK heard me eventhough it was a constant thought in my mind every day, every train journey. And I am with him 'the whole day' like he wanted. Thank you VK and Sir for giving me this great opportunity.


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