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Using VK in kitchen easily while doing my work

edited February 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise Rainbow joy
Everyday I get up in morning.first thing I do is hold vk and tell VK please Regularise all my days work from VK tip 23.after that I will tell vk while cooking food to send All clear serum Beauty serum and energy of goddess Annapurna.this I read in vk tip food gets tasty.all my house work I do with vk.
I got a book and I hv written names of my family members on separate page.i get this book in kitchen and keep vk on each page for 30min.whatever energy my family member requires I send total wealth serum or mood up or health serums.for children study serum brain serum and sometimes give total wealth kitchen keep doing healing using Vk along with my work just turning pages of books. I keep turning pages back and forth and send different energies to my family members.i wear one vk continuously and other vk I use for sending energies to others. Thank you vk and sharat sir for vk energies.thank you @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher for lovely tips with vk


  • @Yasha ji
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. This post is a motivating one for all the ladies who feel they are not able to give time to healing.
    Wonderful sharing.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to you and ur lovely efforts. Gratitude to Sir for easy ways of healing with VK

  • Wow So much of nice experience with VK Thankyou for sharing in details.
    This is the beauty of VK as users can do healing request easily while doing other routine work.
    Gratitudes to SharatSir.
  • @Yasha golden sunrise ji.u said story of all women.we get so busy in our kitchen work and vk helps us in beautiful ways.thank you ji

    Great motivation to all home makers in enriching their life with VK. Excellent way of TIME MANAGEMENT using VK . GRATITUDE to Sharat Sir for making HEALING so simple and safe with DIVINE VK.

  • All ladies, now it is your time, be ready to use VK more with your day to day work as a homemaker.

    Thank you @Yasha to motivate busy ladies.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your wonderful sharing.

  • Wonderful

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