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VK guides with signs when one is stuck up.

Golden Sunrise,
This is latest success story about myself. My son was trying for job from July last year and I had written job manifestation project for him and used to send energies of Golden Sunrise, All Clear Serum, Total Wealth Serum, Alpha Male Serum and Bravo serums in 1st set and Beauty Serum, Brain Serum, Shield of 7 Rays and energy of video on " Switchwords for getting desired job quickly by Sharat Sir ". But all in vain. All of sudden, he stopped, He was not ready to go for interviews, he used to sit in his room whole day with his mobile. This went on for 3 to 4 months, now everyone in family started getting worried about him as he was in his cocoon and not sharing anything with us. I even gave him RESCUE REMEDY. One day I asked VK to guide me what to do, how can I make my son move out from his shell and start looking for job. After about 15-20 minutes, I picked up my phone and coincidentally on that day Facebook page opened (normally I don't browse through FB) and there was post on Bach flower Clematis, I read the post and thought it fits so perfectly with my son's behaviour, immediately I thanked VK for showing me the post, and I requested VK to send the energy of "Bach flower Clematis" with Golden Sunrise to my son. This was almost 15 days back, and Today he has joined the Job of his choice and is Happy. Thank you VK, AND THANK YOU SHARAT SIR FOR THIS WONDERFUL GIFT. God Bless You. Golden Sunrise.


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