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Great help to sleep and others

Golden sunrise,

I have many good things to say about VK in just a month that I had received it. I will mention few of them:

1. A friend of mine never sleep well, she had recently issues with her boyfriend and she was in constant thinking. I asked her to give me a glass of water and while we were talking I charged her water with: Clonazepam and Bach flower remedy white chestnut. She then sip on it and went to bed after 10 minutes, having 13 hours of sleep and changed completly her face at next day. When I saw her she told me, I do not know what you have me on the water but I had never rest and sleep that well

2. My mom falled down on the street while walking, so she had pain on her arms and face. I asked VK to charge 3 bottles of water with: naproxen, pain care serum and after 10 minutes she forgot her pain completly.

3. Today at work I borrowed my VK to a co-worker who was having difficulties with her inner child. I asked her to send love serum to her inner child, she was so amazed with the energy she was receiving, when her face changed to the better. Then I requested VK for Brain Serum, Prozac, and mood up Serum for her. I saw how she changed her attitude in less than 3 minutes.

4. I am an acupuncturist and I saw a patient 3 weeks ago that I treated her from a heavy back pain. I used Moxa and needles but it was until I rotate VK on her back and leg, she told me, I feel no pain at all now. When she left she was able to walk downstairs and walk a long distance.

Thanks VK and his creator for this amazing tool to canalize and mimic energy.

I just have a question, many times while I sleep since I received my VK, I have experienced such a horrible nightmares, like never before. When I wake up I rotate VK on my heart and head and request balance serum to get back to reality, it works really good.

Also I wake up early but having a lot of problems to get up, I had used Bach Flower Remedy Hornbeam but it works when I am at work procrastinating, but I could be 3 hours in bed doing nothing when I wake up. I had also tried gym serum and mood up Serum but still the same. What would you recommend. I had used a medication called Atomoxetina to help me with that in the past, but I wonder if there is any serum or combination that could help me on that. Note: I had also used the power nap and I wake up very fresh, but I just do not want to get up.


  • Wow wonderful VK experiences Thankyou for sharing in detail.
    Kindly please request with Safety and Security while mimicking Medicines, bachflower and other healing modalities with VK guided by SharatSir.
  • @ariel_tecpatl
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Wonderful experiences. Thank you for sharing.

    Regarding your procrastination after getting up, it may be due to past medications side-effects. You may use ALL CLEAR SERUM to remove them with intention.

    Regarding your question on nightmares, Sharat Sir has guided you to use energy of HANUMAN CHALISA.

    Reading all your experiences I just felt you are more into mimicking medicine energy, at least for yourself, explore more of Cosmic serum energy with VK.

  • Thank you Rakhi for your advise, I will work with All Clear Serum and let you know here if my advance.

    Golden Sunrise
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